Sweet Potato vs Potato

The long debated topic….

With health and wellness becoming an ever evolving and growing industry it can be challenging to keep up. With so many different factors to consider such as, what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, body type, exercise, etc., the lines become blurred especially if you are not in the industry or seeking the help of a professional. It can be easy to get confused and overwhelmed leaving you in a place pulling out your hair somewhere in the middle. The opinions that inundate social media, from celebrities starting the “NEW” fad diets doesn’t help either. It is important that you find sources that you trust and verify. Brian St. Pierre, Registered Dietitian and author at Precision Nutrition is a reputable source that we trust at Fit Body Transformations. Check out Brian’s article about the long debated topic of potato vs sweet potato here.

In the facility we encourage people to turn to sweet potatoes vs white potatoes for a few reasons that this article explains further, however it’s more about eating whole foods like a baked potato vs potato chips. Remember everything in moderation. Check out this awesome sweet potato recipe here. We recommend baking the sweet potatoes and herbs first and adding the olive oil after as it has a low smoke point. My cooking go to is coconut oil for all of its health benefits.

So whether you say potato or you say pa-ta-toe, remember whole food is always butter for you…oops, better.