Her Story: Chronic Pain with Lyme Disease to Pain Free

Athlete of the month

April 2017: Rosanne Gilbert

What brought you to Fit Body Transformations?

I needed to find something to help my 24/7 pain from Lyme.


What are your goals?

Stay pain free and feel better about myself.


How do you make time to workout?  

I set a schedule for for working out and stick to it. Even if an emergency or illness arrives I make time to do it at home. Eating everything I write down keeps me honest too.


What do you  enjoy about Fit Body Transformations?  Everything! The coaches really make me feel I belong there. They help me realize I can do things that I never thought was possible. After living almost three years in pain. The other members are awesome! Love how everyone works to help each other and I love being to be a cheerleader to my other team members.


What has been your biggest challenge since starting at Fit Body Transformations? I’ve had three serious family emergencies that have put a wrench into my program at times. But like the old saying you have to get back on the horse and I do! Before I would have put myself in the back seat but now I know it is important to keep me healthy!


What do you do in your spare time when you’re not at Fit Body Transformations? Taking care of my family! I am so busy with my grandchildren and children!


How do you stay motivated? WHen I wake up every morning and don’t have pain- that is what keeps me motivated!


What’s your favorite meal? Stir fry of any kind!


What’s your favorite quote? “If at first you don’t succeed, try again!”