Saturday Snack Attack!

We often leave the grocery store feeling a lot more inspired than when we walked in. We leave with three thoughts on our minds:

1. Do you think we bought enough ingredients?

2. How do you think we will figure this out?

3. I can’t wait to eat it.

With a detox approaching quite fast, we have been on the hunt for new Paleo recipes and finding alternative ways to still have our favorite treats and sweets!

This weekend we made dried fruit on our food dehydrator. What we love about it, is that it’s SO easy, so there’s no excuses if you’re not!

Here’s what you need:

1. Fruit


2. Food Dehydrator

3. Some good tunes.


Slice your fruit into thin, thin slices

slicing fruit

Spread evenly throughout dehydrator pans.

Banana's/Cinnamon    kiwi    sweet potato

Banana’s with Cinnamon               Kiwi!               Sweet Potato’s with Cinnamon

After a few hours, our snacks were ready for their trip to our tummies! Healthy- but taste just like CANDY! Yummy!