Nix the Quick Fix Mindset

As a personal trainer I get asked a lot of questions about nutrition and exercise on a regular basis. One of the questions I get asked quite often is “Crystal can you give me a couple ab exercises so I can work on my midsection?” When I get asked this question I usually ask some clarifying questions to help understand what this person’s goal is. Usually they just want to loose a few pounds and feel more confident in their clothing. My next question is how is your nutrition? To which I get some confused looks and remarks, “it could be better but I just want to work on my core”. The misconception is that people often think there is a quick fix to tighter tummies in twenty days, while in fact there is no quick fix. The media has us all thinking that the newest diet on the market has found the magical solution to all your problems. However I’m sorry to say this simply isn’t true. The next question I ask is “what is your stress level like?” Again if a person is not addressing their stress level in a healthy way their cortisol levels are probably through the roof making it twice as hard to loose weight and keep it off. Exercise is a great outlet for this but it is only a piece of this healthy puzzle.

Here is the breakdown when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle versus obtaining this magical quick fix that solves all the world problems. Lets think about this math magically, when it comes to your
overall health 10% is your genetic composition, 10% is your exercise regime or what you do in the gym, >80% IS WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH< therefore if you are going to focus on one thing it should be your nutrition. Set aside one day to do your food prep in your calendar and view this time with the same importance as a doctors appointment. After all if you do your food prep and work on maintaining a healthier diet you might not need to see that doctor as often.

Exercise is a really great way to manage stress. Stress seems to be under appreciated when it comes to the impact it has on our health. This is why it is crucial when starting a new workout routine that you are patient with yourself and set realistic goals. Going from the couch to trying to work out six days a week will leave you feeling defeated when you start to miss workouts. It is much more reasonable to set a goal of getting to the gym at least twice a week at first and work on building that habit for a few months. Then if you get in more than two workouts in a week you will feel proud as opposed to discouraged.

As a society we have fallen into the instant gratification mindset. Therefore we are tempted by the magazines that offer that quick fix, we blindly invest in the next fad diet we hear about on TV only to be disappointed that it didn’t work and/or we weren’t consistent in our efforts. Understand the things we work hard for over time gives us a true feeling of satisfaction also known as delayed gratification. One needs to be patient with themselves when making habit changes, understand that unhealthy habits were not built over night therefore healthy ones will take time as well. Change takes time and determination just remember you’re worth it. If you are looking for a resource for learning how to make healthier choices when it comes to nutrition check out this link.