Meet the Athlete’s: Cheryl B.

Our beloved FBT member Cheryl B. received her Athlete of the Month award almost a a year ago! She has made even more progress since her achievement but we wanted to shine a little spotlight on someone who has come so far!

Read our Q & A with her below!

What brought you to FBT?  It was a gift to myself to lead a healthier lifestyle. I was having trouble with balance, strength and I didn’t like it as I’ve always been a physical person. I also lost a sibling to lung cancer and I chose prevention for my lifestyle.

What are your goals? To be more fit and stay mobile so I can enjoy life for a longer period of time. I am a caregiver for a veterans that has numerous health issues as I watch him struggle it reinforces my desire to be healthier.

How do you make time to workout? I schedule my workouts and use exercise as a means to de-stress.

What do you  enjoy about Fit Body Transformations? I enjoy the coaches and feeling of love I get every time I come. Everyone is supportive and help me achieve more than I think I can. Everyone is uplifting and it’s about people not ego.

What has been your biggest challenge since starting at Fit Body Transformations? My biggest challenge has been the food and I am so grateful for the nutrition input on a weekly basis.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not at Fit Body Transformations?  I like to do things with my daughter, ride horses and hang out with friends. I am an outdoors person so whatever gets me outside is great. I use to hike and hope to get back to that.

What’s your go to lunch? I eat a lot of salads. I love grilled chicken or fish!

What’s your favorite quote?Some people walk to walk and some only talk the talk!”

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? I would like it to be an ability to uplift people and help them see how awesome they are. Everyone needs someone to believe in them in order for them to achieve their best!

Keep up the great work Cheryl! 


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