I’m Not Perfect

There, I said it.

2.5 years ago I stopped running and taking time for me  and went to fashion…Maybe you all remember that.

One of the biggest reasons was because I felt like I’d painted myself into a corner. I felt confident  that because I had been running for 2 years I wouldn’t stop, I’d eat well and keep doing it. Time was not my friend nor was self care . I got so many injuries from not knowing about FMS , stretching, foam rolling, and correctives.

Since joining the FBT Marketing team I’ve realized so many times we see people in the wellness industry and hold them to an unattainable standard. We place them on a pedestal instead of realizing they’re human too and also on a journey.

I don’t want to have to be perfect for anyone. You don’t want to have to be perfect for anyone either. I want you to know we are on a wellness journey TOGETHER!

What we all want is something sustainable!  We want to know that the people we look to for help, are like us! That we all have struggles. We all have victories. The point is if wellness professionals can do it (imperfectly) than so can you!

The truth ,  I’m back on my wellness journey. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect, and started trying to slow down and be body aware. Stopped focusing on lbs lost, and started focusing on strength and endurance.

If you want to take back control with a sustainable LIFESTYLE, with a community of like minded women/ men  supporting you, here’s your home… I’m in this WITH YOU! We are literally going to transform TOGETHER! And honestly, doing anything together is better than doing it alone.

Are you game??