"Homemade" Sushi

The Market:

When it comes to guilty pleasure’s many people might say a chocolate bar, cheesecake, maybe even mashed potatoes. For us, it’s sushi. Nothing is more satisfying than the fresh, crisp taste of sushi. Our go to place is Kume, but after a while that becomes expensive, which brings us to our latest adventure, making sushi at home.

We woke up Saturday morning, made our usual eggs and kale on Ezekial toast and off to Portsmouth we were. The destination was Lo’s Asian Market on Woodbury Ave, needless to say it only took one or two tries to find the entrance, but we did!

Pearla and I spent about an hour that morning in the market picking up different items and saying, “I wonder what that taste like” or “What do you think it is?”

$52.00 later (we probably went a bit overboard) we left the market, and headed home to try out our skills.

The Process:

We chopped,diced, sliced, boil, and rolled our hearts out. The method to our madness is definitely unknown because we just guessed how to make it along the way- which is fun and challenging!

Each roll we made was suppose to replicate our favorite rolls at Kume, and we didn’t do that bad even!

chopped veggies

“The Amazing Tuna”

Tuna, Seaweed Salad, Raw Asparagus, Jalapeno, Shrimp, Roe.

Amazing Tuna (front, with jalapeno and black roe on top)

“Kiwi Roll”

Rice, Seaweed Wrap, Tuna (Kume uses spicy yellow tail), avocado, jalapeno, roe, kiwi, mango.

Kiwi Roll is one with rice and kiwi/jalapeno on top.

“Sweet Potato Roll”

Rice, Seaweed Wrap, Sweet Potato, Eel Sauce.

Sweet Potato is roll with rice and brown sauce.

We had tons of fun shopping and creating our Sushi, although when we showed a photo of our masterpiece to the head chef at Kume he said, “It looks like a pizza!.”

Also! Don’t forget: EXTRA WASABI