The Fit Body Difference


According to everyone’s favorite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, a revolution is defined as a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

For far too long, the fitness industry has been run by supersized faceless companies with only one agenda…to squeeze out as much profit as possible.

Often, these corporations are run by business moguls and titans who know nothing of the science of fitness or the art of coaching a person to achieve greatness – to actually help someone realize his or her potential.  To these corporations, members are nothing more than a number on the scoreboard, a line item in the profit column.

It’s Time For A Revolution!

Fit Body Transformations represents a fundamental shift in the way personal training and fitness is being approached.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your health or increase your performance, Fit Body Transformations is the answer.

At Fit Body Transformations we’ve assembled a team of the top fitness professionals in the United States who are all eager and dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.  Our company was built by experienced and certified personal trainers, not a bunch of old guys in suits sitting in an ivory tower.  At Fit Body, our passion, first and foremost, is helping you succeed…

Fit Body Transformations is on the cutting edge of health and fitness and will continue to remain there because of its built-in education program that utilizes the cooperative knowledge of its franchise owners who, by the way, must be certified fitness professionals.  Our franchisees work together to pool their various technical, management and coaching skills to contribute to the most robust knowledge resource library in the fitness industry.   In addition, franchisees are required to participate in a certain level of continuing education each year to stay current on the latest research in exercise, nutrition and coaching.

Our fitness professionals are revolutionizing the fitness landscape with their innovative programming, commitment to personal attention and an approach based on client results.

All of this ultimately leads to one thing…

Your 100% Satisfaction…