Clean BBQ Sauce Recipe

Sometimes you just get a hankering for a really great Barbecue Sauce. Here is a recipe that I use as my go to when I want all the flavor, without all the added preservatives. (You can often times find alternatives for most unhealthy recipes by typing in your search bar the word ‘clean’ and then the name of what you’re looking for).

You’ll see me in between training sessions chowing on pulled chicken that has been marinating in this BBQ sauce in the crock pot. I call it Pulled BBQ Chicken, and it is delicious and simple!

~I make this BBQ sauce and then pour it over raw chicken breast in the crock pot. Using 3-4 chicken breasts, I make sure that the chicken breast are laying flat in the bottom of the crock pot.

~I then pour this ENTIRE portion below of BBQ sauce on top covering the chicken evenly. I set the crock pot on low and leave it for 2 hours. Check to be sure chicken is done. Take each breast out and shred with two forks and put back into the crock pot for about 15 minutes on low.

My guilty pleasure when I reheat the chicken is to add a few cold bread and butter pickles on top. Might sound strange but hey, there are no food rules šŸ™‚Ā  Ā  ~Coach Crystal

Healthy BBQ Sauce



    1. In a small saucepan, add all ingredients and whisk until well combined. Bring to a boil, cover half way with a lid to prevent splashing and simmer for 20 minutes. Transfer to a glass jar and let cool. Use as you would use a store bought BBQ sauce.
Storage Instructions: Refrigerate in an airtight glass jar for up to a few months. Maybe can be frozen. Our BBQ sauce seems to be used faster than any of these recommendations.


Here is the link where I found the following recipe.Ā  Ā