When I started working out….

I had no idea what I was doing until I found my trainer Mike Chevalier. He introduced weight training and bodybuilding to me. Many thanks to him! Once seeing my work ethic and determination, Mike asked me and Johnny (who by the way has always been a huge fan of bodybuilders) to join him at a Natural Bodybuilding show. When I saw how beautiful everyone was I was in awe.

Later that night, being excited and having a new vision, I asked Johnny what he thought about me becoming a natural bodybuilder. He immediately said Go for It!

I knew with his support I could do anything and decided right then and there I would begin a new journey. I wanted what these beautiful women had and immediately started training to compete in Women’s Natural Bodybuilding.

Over the next several years, thanks to the support of my wonderful husband and workout partner as well as our daughter, competed in many shows throughout New England. I’m very pleased with my results and experiences, placing in every show entered including several 1st place trophies and 4 Best Poser Awards.

Learning the art of bodybuilding has become a passion for me. It’s part of who I am and who I will always be. I find learning, doing, and teaching very gratifying.