5 Ways to Stay on Track at Work

Tips ‘tricks on being healthy are a hot topic these days, especially when at work or on the go.

But, it can be a bit more frustrating than imagined if you don’t know where to start! Stick to these 5 success tips and you’ll be better than ever!

  • Waterfirst and foremost make sure you are drinking enough water! It is SO easy to get sucked into your inbox that seems to get 2 emails for every 1 you delete. Keep a gallon jug next to your desk or in the break room. Make it a point to refill your water bottle every hour…set an alarm on your smartphone if that helps!
  • Snack Time In the craze of our mornings sometimes grabbing an item for your morning or afternoon snack totally slips your mind (or remembering your prepared lunch!). Keep a stash of raw nuts, nut butter, rice cakes, protein bars or shakes in your desk drawer! It eliminates the option of you heading to the break room and grabbing a muffin a co-worker brought or stopping at the nearest vending machine!
  • Pack a Lunch (Or Choose Wisely) – One of the best ways to stay on track during the workday is so simple it hurts! Just pack your lunch! Throw together some salad and your choice of protein and BAM! You’re done! 
    • But what if I am going to a work-lunch? Well, if you’re not daring enough to whip out your lunch box at a business lunch among your colleagues (which is pretty comical…we highly encourage you to try it as least once!) Try to “shop” the menu as best you can. Opt for a salad with protein- with the dressing and cheese on the side (or not at all). Or, steamed vegetables with protein. 
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! For example, many restaurants do not offer a burger on top of a salad. (Bummer!) But you can ask for it! In my experience the restaurant has always been able to accommodate my request!
  • MOVE! – Make in a point every hour to take a lap around the office or do a few squats are your desk! Getting the blood flowing will keep you focused and energized, plus help you get all those steps in for all you FitBit-Ers out there!
  • Avoid the Coffee Crash- America Runs on Coffee! That is a fact. Now, it’s nice to enjoy a warm Cup of Joe every once in a while but over indulging can throw a couple hard balls your way! 
    • First and foremost, the CRASH! We’ve all been there after pounding a few cups of coffee all of a sudden the light switch turns off and you enter zombie mode! Eeek! It’s never good when this happens, especially if you’re still at work! 
    • Coffee Dehydrates: If you do enjoy a Cup of Joe a couple mornings a week make sure you drink the equivalent extra of water that same day!

Have a great day!

-Coach Emma