5 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Weekend

We have all the tips and tools to stay on track and accountable Monday through Thursday (with most weeks). Then, Friday and Saturday roll around and all hell breaks loose- beer, chips, piece of candy here or there. Before you know it your “one treat” for the weekend has turned into one treat every hour and you wake up Monday morning feeling sluggish, frustrated and discouraged. Let’s stop this pattern! Now, I’m not saying don’t “live a little” if you have a special occasion one weekend or a date night with friends BUT there are a few things we can start doing to stay on track a little better during the week!

Eat like it’s a Weekday! The weekend is not an excuse to go off your meal plan! It can be a bit more difficult because unlike the week you are not on a set schedule. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep that metabolism fueled and burning! So wake up eat a hearty breakfast, run some errands and continue on with your day- just don’t forget to pack an on-the-go snack!

Say NO Takeout! Avoid ordering in pizza or chinese food! The chances are you can make exactly what you may be craving at home and create a MUCH healthier version! If you do decide to get take out or dine out ask for dressings or sauces on the side. That way you’re in control of any extra fat. Stick to lean cuts of meat (that are not fried or breaded) and choose steamed veggies or salad greens rather than a side of fries or jalapeno poppers!

Move! It’s important to have a rest day to let you’re body recover from your weekly workouts BUT it’s still important to keep moving. Incorporate an ACTIVE REST day over the weekend where you go for a walk, do some yoga or maybe even go kayaking!

Drink your Water! A gallon a day keeps your body functioning at it’s optimal level! It can be hard to remember to drink your water over the weekend when you’re busy catching up from the week and getting ready for the coming week. Try setting alarms on your phone or carry your gallon jug around the house with you! No excuses, drink that water!

Keep your Goals in Mind: At the end of the day you need to stay FOCUSED! Remind yourself WHY you’re working so hard to stay on track! Keep them front and center- hang an inspiring photo on the fridge or somewhere around the house to remind you of what you want to accomplish! (And don’t forget to celebrate all the little victories from your week!)